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Autologous Cell Therapy 

Over the years Autologous Cell Therapy (ACT) has become a rapidly evolving field. The use of ACT has been reported from as early as 1985. The scope for ACT is vast and has immense potential for rejuvenation. Autologous material is utilized as both a stand-alone treatment or in composite with other materials.

Cosmetic enhancement or corrective surgeries are on the increase, the search for a more clinically efficacious and longer lasting autologous filler is over. Since as early as 1899, the use of materials for superficial soft tissue wrinkles and contour imperfections has been sought after and with millions of people every year undergoing cosmetic surgery, the market for treatments that have an increased longevity or improve healing are highly sought after.

The Plasma Filler can be combined with i-PRF as an advanced bi-phasic treatment protocol or i-PRF can be offered in conjunction with microneedling or meso injection as a simple mono-phasic treatment for skin and hair restoration.

Autologous Cell Therapy

The Smart Cell Plasma Filler is made by processing the patients own blood to create an autologous gel, offering natural bio-revitalisation. 

Plasma Filler is 100% safe with zero risk of reaction. It is a natural alternative to synthetic fillers with excellent healing properties. Plasma Filler reduces the risk of adverse reactions or complications and offers non invasive 


Plasma Filler utilises re-structured plasma to regenerate, repair and stimulate the skin's cells to produce more collagen, proteins and nutrients for healthier skin.

The Smart Cell Plasma Filler is a bi-phasic treatment which needs to be combined with i-PRF:

  • Step 1: i-PRF via Microneedling which introduces the activated platelets and fibrin matrix. 

  • Step 2: Plasma Filler to add volume, smooth creases and enhance contours.

Plasma Filler and i-PRF must not be mixed into the same syringe otherwise this will inhibit the platelets and stop the release of growth factors.

Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin (i-PRF) is the next generation of PRP. i-PRF offers an innovative concept to overcome previous limitations within regenerative medicine.  i-PRF offers excellent cell viability and bio compatibility with superior tissue regeneration. This advanced form of platelet rich plasma does not use anticoagulants or other chemical based additives, therefore offers a completely natural treatment to improve volume loss, photo damage, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, poor texture and hair restoration.

The low speed centrifugation concept (LSCC) guarantees a higher concentration of platelets, growth factors and leukocytes which become trapped within the fibrin mesh resulting in a cell rich network. These essential cells are then released slowly to lead to a natural regeneration process. 

i-PRF Smart Cell is a pure form of injectable platelet rich fibrin, the i-PRF Smart Cell System yields a significantly higher platelet count post centrifugation when compared to commercial PRP kits who use anticoagulant and gel separators. 

Cell Concentration


7 Fundamental growth factors are released by platelets:



 Platelets only release growth factors once activated.

Anticoagulant inhibits the activation of platelets


Leukocytes have a strong influence on the release of growth factors.

Leukocyte rich plasma releases larger amounts of molecules;

Superior for wound healing – scars and skin needling


i-PRF Smart Cell system contains activated platelets, leukocytes (WBC) & mesenchymal stem cells


The i-PRF Smart Cell system uses biocompatible medical device (class IIb) tubes specifically designed for autologous therapy


Fibrinogen is the key. The fibrin matrix traps the platelets, growth factors and bioactive molecules


 i-PRF Smart Cell system is 100% natural, completely free of chemicals, additives or clotting factors

i-PRF does not use anti-coagulant. Anticoagulants inhibit tissue regeneration and platelet activation. Some anti-coagulants may instigate platelet aggregation, this will result in a lower platelet count during harvest, especially in traditional PRP following a hard spin!


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