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Clinical Centrifuge

The Smart Cell centrifuge is the smallest centrifuge on the market capable of hosting up to 6 x 13ml tubes.

Suitable for all autologous treatments with a speed range of 300 r/min - 5000 r/min.


The Smart Cell centrifuge has been pre-configured with our customized i-PRF Smart Cell settings, and retains the ability to be set manually should the user feel the need to use a different centrifugation speed and time for other smart blood treatments such as PRP and plasma filler.

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Capacity: 6 tube holder able to take up to 13ml blood tubes

Brushless AC Motor: Maintenance free smooth brushless motor

Quiet Operation: Silent spin and operation

Automatic Control: Two program buttons & RPM/RCF shift

LCD Display: Accurate time and speed with touch pad control



Automatic Lid Lock: Motor cut-off & auto locking system

Clear Shatter Proof Lid: Safe sample observation

Global Approval: CE, FDA, ISO

Low Vibration: Automatic rotor imbalance detection

Reinforced Guard Bowl: Maximum safety and durability


Centrifuge Specifications

Size: W:8.3" L:10.6" H:6.3"

Weight: 4.5kg

Speed: 300 r/min - 5000 r/min

Time settings: 15 secs - 99 mins

Max RCF: 2500 g

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